The Haunting Images of a Cheating Husband are such an Emotional Drain

The scene keeps playing out over and over again. The images have taken over your mind. The emotional drain of your cheating husband’s affair perhaps with a co-worker or maybe someone you thought was a good friend is one of the worst heartaches a victim of adultery can ever endure.

These haunting images are causing you to lose sleep and affecting your ability to focus on anything. You are probably not eating right if at all. When you try to eat it’s hard to swallow; it seems to get stuck in your throat.

Right now it feels like a tremendous struggle and a long battle to try and save the marriage.

Haunting images of cheating husband's affair

Stop The Haunting Images

It’s quite common to have these unwanted images swirling around in your mind after the affair. The thoughts are coming and going at lightning speed. You need slow things down so you can get your life back and get your emotions on a healing path and not a path to destruction.

Post-Affair Images – Stop Living the Nightmare Over And Over


No doubt they are strong and powerful images that have taken over your thoughts but you should know these images will ease and begin to fade. The terrifying movie in your mind will end and you will make progress and move forward.

Maybe you are only aware of very few details beyond the fact that your husband cheated. Possibly you know the location and when it occurred. You don’t need specific details of your spouse’s affair to create the script. Your mind is doing its best to fill in all the blanks.

You picture this other woman as being perfect, charming and funny. Then you can see your husband’s arms holding on to this woman while the horror movie in your mind starts playing out intimate scenarios. You think your unfaithful husband see’s her in a way that he has never looked at you before and he is even treating her better.

It’s terrible that these images have taken over your mind and specific details of the affair are replayed in your dreams.

Your emotions along with the images begin to feed on one another, leaving you feeling absolutely drained. What you feel and picture is probably a good representation of all the emotions you’re going through including fear, distrust, and feelings of betrayal.

The affair is nothing but a rollercoaster of emotions that so many victims of an affair talk about. Ultimately, this can derail your best efforts that you’ve attempted to make to save your marriage and survive the affair. You’re simply too exhausted.

3 Steps to Stop Your Haunting Images and Make Her Look Ridiculous

The longer you have reoccurring negative images the more it will drain you and become more difficult to escape.

More times that it is played out the longer it will take to get control of your thoughts.

Remember one thing,  it is still your mind and you have the power to manage what goes on there.

3 steps to eliminate the power of those haunting images and regain the power over your mind.

Step 1: Manage the Images on the Clock

Take back the power of your own mind by setting a time during the day when you can sit down and let the images come to you. Granted this might not work every time, but if any images begin to come up at a time outside of your set schedule, remind yourself that it’s not time for haunting images yet.

This will help you begin to manage when you allow something into your mind and more importantly what is allowed there. This is a very subtle shift but can be very empowering.

Step 2: At Your Designated Time Invite the Images to Come In

You may not have to but think of yourself as opening the door and saying “Come on in” to those images. Allow the images to come in with whatever form they want. You are only tolerating these unwanted guests temporarily and at the end of the time you designated, you can push them back out the door. Before you do have some fun

Step 3: Rewind and Spin the Image

Pretend one of the images is on a movie reel but you want to start at the end and run the scene backwards. By manipulating the structure of the image it may help you to feel better because you can change it anyway you want.

This will show you that the image has no solid foundation and is subject to any whim of your mind. Go ahead and have some fun with it. Now let your imagination go to work and make her look like whatever you want. You might picture her as a large pile of dog s***.

Keep working at it because it will take some time to diffuse the power of these haunting images but this exercise will help your battered emotions to heal and regain your self respect.

Best wishes to you as you work to stop the emotional drain of those haunting affair images.

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How to Survive an Affair by Dr. Gunzburg goes deep into helping and dealing with the three issues involved; the victim, the cheater and then the relationship.